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The Use of Cookies

Tall Emu Pty Ltd. may use “cookies” or similar electronic tools to collect information to enhance your experience with this Web site. Cookies are pieces of information generated by a Web server & stored in your computer, ready for future access. Cookies are embedded in the HTML information flowing back & forth between your computer & the servers. Cookies were implemented to allow user-side customisation of Web information. For example, cookies are used to personalize Web search engines, to allow users (you) to participate in WWW-wide contests (but only once!), & to store shopping lists of items you have selected while browsing through a virtual shopping mall. Essentially, cookies make use of user-specific information transmitted by the Web server onto the user’s computer so that the information might be available for later access by itself or other servers. In most cases, not only does the storage of personal information into a cookie go unnoticed, so does access to it. Web servers automatically gain access to relevant cookies whenever you establish a connection to them, usually in the form of Web requests. Any information collected by the cookies used by Tall Emu Pty Ltd. or by a third party acting on our behalf will be collected anonymously & will not be used by us to subsequently identify you or to prepare the collection, processing, or use of personal information about you without your prior consent.    

Disclosure of Personal Information

Tall Emu Pty Ltd. will not use or disclose any information about you without your consent, or access your communications on our websites, unless:
  • Required by law.
  • We believe it necessary to provide you with a service which you have requested.
  • To implement our terms of use.
  • To protect the rights or property of Tall Emu Pty Ltd. , employees & subscriber of its services, or any member of the public.
  • To lessen a serious threat to a person’s health or safety.
We will not give any of your personal information to advertisers or any other organisation without your express consent.

Accuracy & Security of Personal Information

Any personal information you provide to Tall Emu Pty Ltd. is kept on secure servers. Tall Emu Pty Ltd. uses reasonable administrative, technical, personnel & physical measures (a) to safeguard personal information against loss, theft, unauthorized use, disclosure, or modification; & (b) to ensure the integrity of the personal information.