Tall Emu CRM Quick Start Guide

Set up your quote template

You can set up as many quote templates as you wish, each with different colours or logos.    To start to set up quote templates, navigate to “Admin” and choose “Quote Settings”. adminconnectionsmenu When you get to quote settings, choose “New Quote Template” off the menu bar. NewQuoteTemplate You can give the quote template a name (for example “Standard Quote Template), and then drag and drop your logo onto the “Logo” section. QuoteSetupChooseColours When the logo is uploaded, you will see that we choose colours based on your logo for inspiration.  you can set the colour for background, highlight area and buttons. QuoteSetupChooseFontsAndLayout You can now choose the layout and font for the quote. It’s automatically previewed on the right hand side. When you’re done, press “Save and Close” button at the top left, and your quote template will now be ready for use.