Tall Emu CRM Quick Start Guide

Installing Inbox Insights

Installing is straightforward. Simply run the installer, and you’ll see a screen below. Click on “Next” to get started.


Accept the licence agreement


Choose Destination folder

You can choose where to install here. The default location is fine unless you have any specific requirements.


Enter your username and password

Enter in your username and password. It’s the same one you use for Tall Emu CRM. The username is your email address.


Select Database

After you have successfully logged on, the system will show a list of accessible databases. Most people would usually have only one, but if you run many CRM databases for multiple companies – this allows you to select the default one.


Start the Install

Make sure your outlook is closed.

Click on “Install” to start the installation process.



If you see this screen then it’s all installed correctly. You can now start outlook and it will be connected to CRM.