Tall Emu CRM Quick Start Guide

Creating Marketing Lists

In Tall Emu, we can work with Marketing Lists which are lists of recipients of a campaign.   Currently, it’s possible to have a list that relates to:
  • Companies (if you have company-level contact with your customers), or
  • Contacts (if you mainly have personalised contact with your customers).
For example, if you had a marketing list of “All Golf Shops” which didn’t have any person details, you’d load this as a list of companies and work thought it that way.

Create a New List

Navigate to the Marketing menu, and choose “Lists”. MarketingMenuLists Click on “New List” CreateSimpleCOntactLIst   Give the list a meaningful name like “VIP Clients” or  “Bill’s Leads” and choose whether or not it is a list of Contacts or Companies.   If required you can write a further description of the list in the description box, but it’s not mandatory. Then, press Save and Close.

Viewing the list

The list will now be in VIEW mode. If you wish to load the list to Campaign Monitor, and campaign monitor is enabled – click the Upload button and the list will be uploaded for you.  It will have the same name as the list in CRM, and we’ll show you always the last time the list was uploaded/downloaded from Campaign Monitor. ViewList