Tall Emu CRM Quick Start Guide

Advanced Filters

An advanced filter lets you save and re-use more complex filters. To create a new advanced filter, click on the FILTER icon (shown in red box) and then select “New”


When the dialog is opened, you can define the advanced filter:

  • If you click on the “Plus” sign (in the red box) – it will add an additional field/condition in that group.
  • If you click on the word “AND” – it will toggle between “AND” and “OR”. This will allow you to make filter rules such as “Assigned to Mike OR Darryl”
  • Underneath the first group box, there is a second “+ AND” button. Clicking on this button will add an additional group box. This is useful where you want to make filters like “Assigned to Mike or Dave” AND “State = NSW”
  • The “Shared” Checkbox allows you to share the filter with other users.

When you save the filter, it is automatically applied. An Applied filter looks like this:


You can cancel the advanced filter by clicking on the red X button. This clears the filter, and goes into “Choose Filter” mode:


Once a filters are defined, you can click in the “select filter” area to choose them.