Team Emu


I trust Tall Emu to do the right thing. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way about a software company in the post-Microsoft-antitrust era.

Scott Finnie, Former Editor in Chief at Computerworld

Talk Solutions not Just Tech

Founded in 2002, Tall Emu is an Australian company with headquarters in the heart of the city in Sydney, Australia.

Tall Emu started out writing software to extend third party CRM systems, but after seeing how limited and relatively expensive these programs could be to implement we decided to build our own.

Tall Emu’s Desktop CRM Software offers the standard CRM capabilities but delivers additional value by being easy and cost effective to customise to suit exact business needs, connects with other business systems to share data and removes re-keying of data as well as automated repetitive tasks.

This approach has been successful – Tall Emu CRM is now being used by businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK.

Fast forward to today and we are proud to launch the cloud version of Tall Emu CRM, designed for businesses that need simply elegant CRM software that connects with the software they use every day.

Our Team

Mike Nash

CEO and Product Manager

Daryl West

Director and Business Analyst

David North

Marketing Director and E-commerce Consultant

Customer high fives

I have worked with the Tall Emu system for over four years in two different businesses…the team and software have been outstanding.

Brett Etchells Business Development Manager, Premier Group

We selected Tall Emu based on its ability to integrate with MYOB, ease of use, marketing automation and price. The team at Tall Emu ensured the transition was seamless and an overwhelmingly positive experience. We would recommend the product to any business looking for a CRM.

Ben Henry Executive Director, Corporate Sports Australia

We love the CTI telephone integration and the ability to track calls and update contacts on a real time basis.

Blaise Vinot Managing Director, Felco Australia

I have reviewed many CRM systems before making a leap to TallEmu, and found none that can integrate as heavily as they can with accounting systems, we use Reckon Accounts, onsite version.

Adam Pope Managing Director, Fabulous Catering

Yes, I would definitely recommend Tall Emu CRM. They are honest, reliable, hardworking, do what they say. It is great being able to deal with the Principals rather than staff who keep changing. We want them to be in business for a long time.

Sharon Austin General Manager, Peer Support Australia

What’s especially impressive about the talk and actions emanating from Australia-based Tall Emu is a strong corporate culture that values communication, honesty, a willingness to talk openly about problems, a responsive attitude, open-mindedness, and respect.

Scot Finnie Editor in Chief, Computerworld